Special Design Animal Shaped Egg Holder


Make eating eggs fun for your kids!!!



  • It is produced by laser cutting from 5 mm transparent plexi-glass / birch counter plate.
  • The animal figures are not printed, but laser engraved.
  • It does not contain harmful paint or varnish.
  • Design and production are registered by our brand.
  • The product is suitable for cleaning by washing or wiping.
  • The product size is 6x6x12 cm.
  • The product is sold as a set of 4 (Cat, Dog, Koala, Cow).
  • There are four products in the cargo.
  • * If you choose the plexi set option, you will only get the 4 plexi set. *
  • You can visit our sales page to reach more specially designed products.

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Set of 4 Birch, Set of 4 Plexiglass


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