About Us

Founded in 2000 by industrial products designer Banu Şahin, our company has grown and created its own brand “1Fark”.

As B Design & Interior Architecture, we have the opportunity to make prototypes and productions of our own designs in our own workshop. All the design and production of the “1Fark” brand is offered to your service in our own model workshop, thanks to 3D printer and laser cutting and workshop equipment.

On your special days; We offer you all our creativity to make your dreams come true with special surprises and organizations.

We not only work to create special concepts for you, from your birthday to baby celebration, from your special days to your wedding organization; We produce special designs for you.

Üretim Hakkında

Our manifesto is to make production respectful to nature and people; We prefer nature-friendly techniques in the materials and production methods used.

For this reason, the materials we mainly use are wood and its derivatives; Materials such as MDF, compressed paper, glass; It is generally offered for sale in its raw form without undergoing any toxic treatment.

The preservatives and paints used in our products are completely water-based.

Thanks to our machine shop including

     Our mini workshop

     Our laser cutting machine

     Our 3D printers

     Our foil cutting machine

     Our plotters

We have the ability to process all kinds of wood and its derivatives, plexiglass, leather, fabric and plastic in our manufacturing.